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New Series - Nature's Mosaics

My goal with these natural rcok formations was to photograph various formations found along the Southern California Coastline and create fascinating Abstract  Art.

These formations appear in many forms from multi-colored sea shells to multi-layered, textured and colored rock. 

Much of the continental crust that is now Southern California formed beneath the Pacific Ocean over a billion years ago from older materials recycled through the earth’s crust and mantle, oceanic activities and volcanic and tectonic forces.

Rock formations captured in this series are a mosaic of differnt rock such as Sandstone, Schist, Silt, Shale, Volcanic Ash, ancient granites as old as 18 million years and associated metamorphic and sedimentary rock. 


 Fish Eye Rock formation

Sand which is ground down rocks and minerals, washes ashore with sea shells and polished glass to form a mosaic of beauty with its blend of shapes, colors and  textures .

Urban Rock Footprints

I was walking by the lake and photographed  this jewel right at my feet. The rocks that have been embeded into the asphalt danced around this leaf  after  a morning of  good hard rain. 

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